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{she may be small but….}

Monday, February 17, 2014

She is FIERCE! Sweet girl, after being home nearly TWO MONTHS from school with mono I have learned so much more about you. One, you are tough to keep down. Every day is the “Best day ever” in your world and despite running 45 straight days of fever you were still little miss sunshine. I adore your spirit. Love the way you make the best out of 10 days in a row in your pj’s not leaving the house. You painted every picture, made bracelets, filled our house with artwork, snuggled your bubby endlessly, and showed us once again that nothing keeps you down. We worried, called the doctor, called the doctor again  - not understanding how you could be so tired day after day. You slowly got better and will head back to school this week. You are so excited, you miss your friends and your teacher. We will miss you and even though it was not a good thing you were sick for so long – we learned to never ever take your health or anyone in our family’s health for granted. We never will. So glad you are healed and the light in your eyes is back. You have your giggle going again. Love you so sweet sunflower. love you so….