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{love.engagement session.}

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just stinking love engagement sessions….This session was no exception. These two made my job easy. Capturing the love they shared was so amazing! I just can’t wait for the wedding…..We are going to have a blast! We started our session in The Paseo – and then finished it up a hop and a skip away in Crown Heights Park. Loving this time of year….Fall sessions here we come!!! 

evening session. evening sun. LOVE IT!

Dawn had the CUTEST dress for our session!!

So cute….



{a senior and his fam}

Monday, September 29, 2008

Still catching up on blog posts – lots of weekend fun to share with you all! Had a blast at this Senior session. He brought his drum and sketchbook which really made me happy! It was a great morning getting to know him – what  cool kid!! We got some shots of the family too – they turned out soo cute! They were all troopers and made my job easy…..And, yes, I even made the family jump – check out out below – they were definitely not expecting to jump so early in the morning :)  

A few of my faves…..I love shooting in Paseo!

What a cute family!

Ready, Set….JUMP

{playing catch up}

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh wow…..!!! I am playing catch up for sure! I have so many blogs posts to share with you….I will start with Little Miss Corbyn…I just love this little girl. She is the brand new addition to the Hammons Family that are so near and dear to my heart. Big Sister Hadyn is such a sweetie to her brand new little sis! It was so cute to see! We got some awake shots during her session, but had to be very patient to get some sleepy shots – she just wanted to party it up with the rest of us :) In the end, we were able to get some shots that just melt my heart, and I hope melt yours too….Congrats on your new bundle of joy, Trevor, Donnell and Hadyn! She is perfect in every way! Love you all so much!!

The Hammons have SUCH  a beautiful home, it was a blast finding this perfect spot for baby Corbyn!

Little Hadyn has such a cool room! (some of my former art student’s did the walls) It is one of the coolest rooms EVER!!!

Melt my heart!

I loved this shot of Hadyn checking out her baby sis!

{logo love}

Friday, September 26, 2008

I have been shopping around for a new logo design. Not that I do not love my old one – just going to try something new…..Little did I know that my wonderful friend and fellow photographer, Erin, of ERIN DARCY PHOTOGRAPHY, could make me such a modern and hip new logo for my site. All my love to you Erin, you are amazing! Now, I just need my hubby to come home from out of town and help me put the new logo all over the place – from the blog to the website :) Miss you Hubby! Check out the new logo love!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

These sisters were SO worth the two hour drive to take their photos!!! I brought my mom along on the drive to Woodward, and she was a great sidekick….I swear I would have gotten lost on my drive without her. I photographed little Clarissa last year and she had grown so much! She is such a little model – giving me the perfect expressions and poses :) Such a doll! Her little 14 month old sister, Drew was a ball of energy! I felt right at home chasing her around, it was just like a photo session with my little one….She was perfect and adorable in every way! It was such a pleasure to meet little Lauren. The youngest of the sisters, only 9 weeks old. She was so sweet and really made me miss that tiny little baby age. I will now be visiting Woodward twice a year for Fall and Spring sessions. Anyone in the area that would like to book your Spring Session, just shoot me an email and we can schedule your photo shoot!

Cutest Sisters!!!

Little Lauren was so sweet!

Drew decided to explore!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Sweet London was so good to me during her newborn session. I captured her Mommy’s maternity photos and did my best to try and picture what little London would look like. She was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. A head full of beautiful dark hair, a sweet little smile, and the most gorgeous skin tone, such a beauty….I am so happy to have captured London’s newborn photos. This is one little girl that I can’t wait to watch grow.  Enjoy your sneak peek Mom and Dad – you two are already such pro’s at parenting. So natural as caregivers. Congrats on your beautiful little one!!

A few of my favorites from the session…..

Her little lips were PERFECT….

Love this….

Perfect little Family!


Monday, September 22, 2008

I know I say it all the time….but, I LOVE my job!! This wedding was so beautiful! Leaha was SUCH a Beautiful Bride. Her dress was stunning and her calm, collected spirit made for such a fun day! I love when Brides kick back and have fun on their wedding day, and that is just what she did! The ceremony had so many unique touches and the reception was so wonderful! I have shot at the Hefner Mansion before, but forgot just how beautiful of a location it is for a reception. We were able to get some special shots in the outside garden. Tyler and Leaha are such a joy and a photographers dream! The wedding day made me think back to the engagement session I shot for the couple where I did not have to do much directing at all. These two just snuggled and kissed all afternoon….The wedding was just as easy, capturing them showing their love all day. Thank you both for a beautiful day. Thanks so much for choosing Art and Soul Photography! Meeting you both has been a pleasure!!!

Leaha’s ring is AMAZING!!!

The Bridesmaids were so helpful and FUN!

Leaha made all the bridesmaid dresses….I was totally impressed, since I can barely sow a button on :)

These guys asked if I was the  ”jumping lady”…..I don’t mind that title a bit!! I sure love the jumping shot :) And, these guys were ready to jump!

Almost time to walk down the isle….

I just love this shot….Not sure why it is such a favorite of mine, it was right before Leaha walked down the isle….

You may kiss the bride…..

This little guy had just started an afternoon nap – I thought it was too cute to pass up!

I gasped out loud when I came across this photo while editing….Love it! They are so adorable!!!

They have to have the photo below on canvas…..It is dying to be on their wall!!

Tyler and Leaha, you two kill me with your cuteness….

Such a cool wedding favor!!!

The dance with dad gets me every time…

I just about got ran over during this get away….I have to learn how to get outta the way of a Groom on the run :)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Being a part of this beautiful wedding was such an honor. I have gotten the chance to get to know these two over the last year of their engagement, and I must say it is so great to see two people so in love and full of life! Their engagement photos are to this day some of my favorites, and Lynly looked so classic and stunning in her bridal photos below. The wedding was modern, fresh and FUN! Filled with hundreds of people there to witness true love. Check out the SUPER cool Groom’s cake too….It was AWESOME! Every detail of this wedding was just perfect and fitting of Brian and Lynly. Thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of the past year of your life. I hope to continue to capture special moments in your future! Have a wonderful honeymoon!!! Enjoy your sneak peek….

These girls were SO much FUN!

Getting ready!

Nothing like help from your girls!

These flower girls were SO ADORABLE!!!

These guys were such a blast!

The Bride and Groom shared a special moment before the ceremony began. It was one of the most touching and special moments I have been a part of ever at a wedding. A huge room filled with no one but a Groom seeing his Bride for the first time….and the only other person in the room was me. I looked around for a moment – thinking how amazing it was to be able to capture this moment. To freeze it in time. How truly honoring it is to be a photographer. Thanks for allowing me in your special moment…It touched my heart.

A few shots at the super wonderful Skirvin Hotel!!!

These two are so cute….

Ummmm…Hello??…..Coolest Groom’s cake alert!!

I promised my confessed blog stalkers that I would not forget about them…..You girls rock!

And….I LOVE this Image!!!!! It is the ultimate – PARTY’S OVER shot…..


Saturday, September 20, 2008

We have kept Lynly’s wedding dress under wraps until today….The big wedding day!!! I captured her Bridal photos a little over a month ago and am so happy to share them with you all now. The wedding was beautiful – I just LOVE this couple!!! Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the wedding….

Her dress is so beautiful!! Classic and even more AMAZING in person!

We were soooo excited to get into the First National Building!!!

{rainy day fun}

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We took advantage of the rain last week and let Auburn splash in the puddles! She was still a little small to hold her umbrella – but she was loving her new rain boots! She wanted to wear them all day! After the rain left – we had some fun at Will Rogers Park.  She is really getting such a little personality…..Doing lots of little things to get laughs – it is super cute. We just can’t ever get enough of this little girl!




with my Sunflower!