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{where do i even begin…birthday boy}

Sunday, December 23, 2012

One… are ONE! Just like that and you are ONE! It goes so quick when it means fitting in a year of love in half the time. This time last year you were only a dream. Sitting on the sofa last Christmas telling your uncle michael and aunt dana how my heart ached for you, how we needed to see your face, have you home. Little did we know just days before that you were born. A tiny baby. Our baby. What a difference a year makes…. Since you came home to us at 6 months we made the promise to squeeze in every bit of time, snuggles, laughs and love we could make up for. make it up to you. make up for the first six months you spent in an orphanage with no one to kiss your head, dry your tears, hold your bottle and stare into your big brown eyes, sing to you and calm your heart. and, we have done just that. soaking up all of who you are….watching you grow (double in weight and even more in size) seeing your personality develop into the most happy, loving and perfect little man. Laughing at your sissy, snuggling on mama’s lap, and roughhousing with daddy. you are all ours. not one second of the day do we take it for granted. we know it all could have been very different. we know you are a miracle. we know mountains were moved to get you home.

You have changed us Oaks…you have changed so many around you. Your sister prays for the other children in Africa. She sees a bigger world than the street she lives on. A bigger world than her town or even state. She sees the world. You are her world and she loves you so much. Your daddy…he has not been the same even since coming home from Africa. Always a passionate soul he is now even more full of love and tender. He saved you but you saved him right back. You are the son he will guide and always love. And, your mama….oh, little man, you have done a number on your mama. I have always heard about this bond of a mama and her son but you brought it to life for me. You crawl across the living room on a mission, but stop in your tracks to climb in my lap and lay your head on my chest. you hum, letting me know you want me to sing back to you. you will never know how much you mean to me. I can never fully express how much of my heart you are. I adore you. I love the sound of your sweet little voice. I will never forget the first time you said “mama” I will cherish the long stares into each others eyes as we got to know each other even though the unspoken is so strong and sweet baby boy, we have always known each other. God has been plans for you sweet boy. Big plans. I am so glad we are part of your plan.

Happy first birthday Oaks Thomas Mathias Porch.

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