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{bryan and heather, married!}

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heather and Bryan had such a fun and unique wedding! Kelsey and i had a great time photographing all the little details, big laughs, and even tears that this wedding had. I have had the pleasure of working with Heather and her mom over the last months, but had yet to meet Bryan, since he was serving our country overseas. They were so happy to be in the same state again, and to become husband and wife! It was a beautiful day! I know Heather is very anxious to see her sneak peek, so i wanted to get a few up for her :) Thanks so much for choosing Art and Soul! 

I love preparation shots….

Kelsey and I were in love with all the modern touches of the wedding. The tables looked amazing down to the smallest detail!!!

Heather told me she was forever a daddy’s girl…After seeing the shots of the two of them, I could not agree with her more! So adorable!

These girls were SO much fun!

I LOVE this little guy! He was the ring bearer at a wedding I shot last year, and he is so wonderful! Full of smiles and a spunky little personality! I could not get over his face during the prayer….

Husband and Wife!!!

the adorable cake!!!

I showed my husband this cake right when I got home from the wedding….He said “ahh, man, I wanted a grooms cake like that!” It was so realistic that Kelsey and I thought that someone laid their hat on the table….So cool!

This reception was the mother ship of cute kids!!! A few that I wanted to gobble up….

First dance!! This shot is one of my favorites from the evening!

The slideshow playing in the background was a perfect touch to the father / daughter dance.

I love this shot Kelsey got…..

Hope your honeymoon is perfect! Thanks for choosing Art and Soul for your wedding day!

Baby Gavin….What a doll!!! As soon as I arrived at the home of this little guy I about died at the head full of hair he had….It was the cutest thing I had ever seen, all over the place and adorable!!! Gavin is a bit older than most newborn sessions, so he wanted nothing to do with those curled up sleepy shots. He was awake and taking in the world around him. He is so advanced for three weeks, giving real ear to ear smiles when you talk to him. It was so adorable!! I had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with this little guy and his mommy, Holly. She is such a natural and loving mother, and you can tell how truly in love she is with her brand new son. It was beautiful to witness. Enjoy your sneak peek, and thank you for choosing Art and Soul for Gavin’s first photos. I hope to continue to capture his first year of life!

oh, he was the sweetest little thing…

just can’t get over his spiky hair…

I just got in a ton of new baby caps, so we had to try a few out with Gavin!

Such a happy little guy!

I was amazed at how well gavin could focus on my camera….Like I said, this little guy sure is advanced for three weeks!!

{where did my baby go?}

Sunday, January 25, 2009

She is looking way to much like a toddler now…..And, acting like one too :)  

I am amazed how much she is talking now…..Having little conversations with us. Counting EVERYTHING in her site. Naming half a million things around the house. Growing too fast….

{seniors. four seasons.}

Thursday, January 22, 2009

 This time of year has Art and Soul busy photographing ‘09 Seniors! With it becoming more and more popular for Senior’s to book Fall and Spring Portraits, getting the look of both seasons, Art and Soul is now offering the FOUR SEASONS Senior package. This is the perfect package to capture your unique look in each of the seasons. The package starts with Summer photos and then, Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are captured. This package is $400 (saving you $140) if they were all booked individually. With the excitement of this package spreading, be sure to book your summer session soon to reserve your date. I have had SUCH  a blast with the Seniors that are finishing up this package, makes me so sad to see their package coming to an end this Spring.  But I am so excited for some crazy fun shots we will end with for ‘09 Seniors!!!! For more information on this photo package and complete details, please contact the studio. 




Art and Soul loves Seniors in every season!!!

{John. Senior .’09}

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It was so much fun capturing John’s Senior Photos. John plays basketball at Moore High School, so we started the day at his school gym. It was such a blast capturing him shooting some hoops :) He is such a cool kid – nice as can be and a true gentleman! After we left the gym we finished up shots near the Brick town Canal. I was so glad the John’s mom and puppy dog came along for the shoot, and it made for some cute shots! Enjoy your sneak peek, John! Thanks for choosing Art and Soul for your senior photos! Have a great remainder of your senior year! 

Love both these shots!!!

Mom and her only son…..Brought tears to both our eyes…


{reid, the one year old charmer!}

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, how wonderful little Reid is!!!! Soon after I arrived to begin his session, we were the best of pals! He was very interested in my camera and he was ALL SMILES for the camera :) I swear, I got more smile shots in 10 minutes than I sometimes get in an entire session.  I could not get enough of this little guy!! It was so wonderful meeting his loving parents, as well. They are so loving and gentle with little Reid, and I could tell right away that the bond these three share was super special. Could not wait to post some sneak peek pics of this little cutie! Thanks so much for sharing Reid with Art and Soul! Happy First Birthday little guy, I hope to continue to capture your CUTENESS, and I can’t wait for summer pics!!!! Thanks so much to the three of you for a wonderful session, I had a smile on my face the rest of the day!

Ummmm, favorite shot in the world!!! Look at that smile and little tiny toes!!!

Reid has the most adorable smile!!! Love both these shots!!

a boy and his dog, gotta love it!

this grin was the sweetest…..

Reid with mommy and daddy reading “the giving tree”

{boy or girl…??}

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It was so wonderful meeting this beautiful family! Expecting a little bundle of joy in a few months, and making my day with the fact that they are going to be surprised on delivery day with the sex of the baby…..Boy are girl? We shall see :) I had a blast capturing Sarah and her adorable baby bump. Can you believe she is 30 weeks? She looks so AMAZING!!! It was such a blast capturing the love between the three of them, and I cannot wait to meet their baby boy or girl! I am super excited for the call! Thank you guys for choosing Art and Soul for your maternity and soon to be newborn photos. It was so wonderful to meet you all, I think I could have chatted all evening with the three of you!!! 

Sarah has a perfect baby belly!!!

They are so excited for the arrival of the little one!!

so sweet…..

I adore this shot…..

boy or girl????


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Had so much fun at this engagement session. We were SUPER chilly, but found a little break in the wind back in the woods. I met Elizabeth last week at our wedding consult, and we jumped right on getting their engagement shots taken. We caught some amazing sun action is it was setting…loved it!!! We are going to have SO much fun at their May wedding! I can’t wait! A special shout out to Heather for sending Elizabeth in the direction of Art and Soul! Enjoy your sneak peek, you two are so adorable, and I hope you had some luck getting the “true” and “love” off your hands :)

had to post both versions of this shot….could not choose between color and vintage b&w….

love this….so much….


{print sale!}

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Special!

For the remainder of the month Art and Soul will be offering 1/2 price on custom landscape prints. This special applies to photos taken by Art and Soul Photography on different adventures around the globe. From London to Italy to Puerto Rico – even some local shots! Now is your chance to add some color to your walls with half off prints. Original print prices list below. 

Desk Prints:

4×6  $5

5×7  $10

8×10  $20

Wall Prints:

11×14  $45

12×18  $50

16×20  $65

20×24  $125

To view original photographic art, head over to the portrait site. Click on the “ORIGINAL ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY” gallery, located at the bottom of the site. To order click on CLIENT PROOFING,

Password: ART


{made my job a piece of cake….}

Monday, January 12, 2009

Some sessions just flow. It just all comes together. The weather. perfect. the location. perfect. the model. PERFECTION! Nakeesa made my job so easy as we explored the Farmers Market and surrounding areas. You know when your model gets to climb on construction equipment that you have a successful shoot…. :) There are not enough words to describe her beauty. She is flawless! The most wonderful part is she is as beautiful on the inside as the out. She has a grace about her. A style all her own, which is hard to truly find these days. I could have shot her ALL DAY LONG. It was great having the creative eye of my cousin along as well. Thanks for joining the fun, Randy!  So many faves from this session, get ready for some major sneak peeks below :) Love ya Nakeesa!