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out and about doing little miss auburn’s four year photos and it hit me…..she will be FOUR! How the heck is it possible….where did my baby go? even when the invites came in for her party and the had a big stinking number 4 on them it still didn’t seem like it could be real. four is her favorite number so i guess it fits her. four is my favorite number, another of the many things we share. but, still, her being four just seems insane. crazy. too fast. too much. just when i thought NOTHING on earth could be sweeter than a two year old girl, three came in and blew me out of the water. never could have expected she would be even more fun, more sweet, more lovable, but somehow she was. and, i know that four will be just as great, but man, i just need to freeze time a bit longer. a few things i learned this session that could come in very handy for parents having a photo session with a 3, 4, 5 year old…….try this with me for your next session and i can promise you will be even more in love with your images. i tried it out with my little muse, and it worked like a charm. forgive me as i tend to use ideas on my little one to test them out to see if they work, but a photograph has to try things out somewhere, right :)

-one outfit. simple and sweet, one outfit. changing clothes throws off the flow of a session for kids, they think “oh, we must be all finished, where is my prize :) i would say find an outfit you simply adore and we will shoot it like crazy. (uptown kids, you can NEVER go wrong with their colorful outfits and many choices – classen curve, just right north of the studio) now, for little kiddos (babies up to the age of two) they are totally used to changing clothes a jillion times a day from messes and what not, so it is usually not a big deal at all for the little ones, but think about your older kids – usually one outfit per day so three changes in an hour throws them off a bit….

-start telling  your child / children days in advance that you will be going on a treasure hunt (and let me know you have prepared them for this and i will be all sorts of prepared for the fun) forget the old, “we are going to take photos and you need to smile and be happy” approach. during the session below we got all these photos in a matter of 25 mins, and it was all based around the “treasure hunt” finding small pennies and dimes all over the ground, looking for lost treasure. it worked and then some! kids love to play, they don’t understand why the heck mom’s want photos or why they have to smile and giggle, but they do understand PLAYING! So, prepare them for play!

-another idea, a cheap prop to add color! i always bring lots of props to a session, but always feel free to spice it up in the coming summer months. bright balloons (10 bucks and you have just popped the colors in your photos plus kids adore them) a bunch of wildflowers for your little girl to hold – a superman cape for your little boy….the list can go on and on… can never go wrong bringing fun things with bold color and textures! and, never be afraid of bringing these things to your family session as well.

these are jut a few ideas to make your photo session a bit more fun and relaxed and keep mom and dad off  smile patrol for the session. my job is to capture your kids just as they are. and, you make my job so easy with your ADORABLE kiddos! thanks thanks and thanks for sharing them with art and soul! looking forward to some fun in the sun sessions this spring / summer!

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{mpixpro magazine ad!}

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have long been a fan of mpixpro and the amazing custom products they offer for my clients and myself. from metal murals to amazing press printed products, they are one of a kind in the printing world.  I would choose no other place to showcase my photos! Not long ago they contacted me to be a part of their “mpixpro experts” and national ad featuring my little munchkin an me :) it was an amazing experience start to finish. they let me have at it with all the color and fun one photo could hold. It was such a pleasure to meet them all when I was at WPPI last month and it felt like I had known them forever after working with them just a few short weeks on the ad. If any photographers are looking for amazing customer service, top quality prints and products, and top notch people to work with – check out mpixpro TODAY! And, a special thanks once again to the mpixpro team for choosing art and soul to represent them in the ad, it is something i will never forget, and sharing it with my daughter made it ever more special.

check out the ad here!

peace and love! dream BIG!



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my clients are so cute i can barely stand it!!!

peace and love!


{just too cute!}

Sunday, March 13, 2011

loved seeing this little cutie again! she had grown a ton from her newborn photos and was just too cute!

peace and love!


{twin love!}

Thursday, March 10, 2011

three sets of twins in one week, LOVE IT! These two were SO ADORABLE!

peace & love!


{gotta love twins!}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

they were SOOOOOO good to me for their newborn session!

peace and love!

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{beautiful birthday girl!}

Saturday, March 5, 2011

she has to be on e of the cutest birthday girls i have ever seen! such a fun session full of her bright blue eyes and adorable smile!

peace and love!

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{my little b-baller!}

Friday, March 4, 2011

auburn had a super fun season of ymca basketball! she was a lucky girl with her daddy as a coach and her uncle trevor as an assistant coach. she looked forward to sporting her pink basketball shorts and pink nikes every saturday. and, her favorite part, running up and down the court, waving at her fan club from each end of the court… was pretty cute! next up, spring soccer. she loves being social so she is up for anything whether it be sports or dance….love my little 3 year old sweetie!

peace and love!

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{organic bloom!}

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

proud to be an organic bloom frame provider! they are funky and fun and have made the already bright studio even brighter! contact me for prices on these beautiful frames!

organic bloom frames

{little man…}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

with the most adorable personality! he was so much fun, not to mention a CUTIE-PIE!

Peace & Love

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