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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

as the holiday break is here it is so nice to catch my breath and rest my feet from the BUSY BUSY BUSY fall shooting season….it was busier and better than ever this season. saw so many new clients and as always my loyal and loving returning clients. feeling more blessed than i can even put into words….a few BIG things i am thankful for…

-family support. my family truly understands and supports my career and knows the insaneness of the holiday shooting season.

-the health of my family. after so many shoots this fall that involved stories of heartache it made me more than ever appreciate and never take for granted the health of my loves.

-being a FULL TIME photographer…it was years ago now, but seems not that long ago that i was balancing being an art teacher and a photographer. it is so wonderful to devote my time fully to the job i love – and am obsessed with to be honest :)

-my studio manager, kimm….oh, what a life saver she is. holding down the fort – letting me be in two places at once – she is AMAZING!

-my always wonderful business manager – aka- husband. he is and always will be my everything. and, let me just say that keeping track of all my business stuff is not an easy task. but, he does it with ease and never judging me when i lose those all important receipts, or keys, or weddings rings. love you to the moon babes! makes my heart so full that we share in running this business we so dearly love.

-the new studio! it is cute and pink and full of kiddos and babies all the time. what is not to love?!?! plus, it takes me about 15 second to get to allowing me time in the day to pick up / drop off the baby girl or meet for lunch. all in all it has freed up so much travel time and made me feel so much more connected to my little piece of heaven – my family.

- my little auburn. she tops each and every list and is my entire heart. my constant sunshine. my little lover of life. nothing in my life has ever or ever will bring me the joy she does. she thinks the studio is her playground. she loves the camera. she loves to snuggle. she is soooo excited to be a big sister. she is everything and more.

-our future baby boy. oh, how our hearts ache for you. how we dream of your face and the day you will be in our arms. the day you will be at the table for breakfast. the day is coming. coming so soon. we love you more than you will ever know. i can feel your heart beating inside mine although i have never seen your face. i close my eyes and feel you asleep on my chest. i am so excited to meet you. hug you. watch you walk hand in hand with your big sister. watch you getting a ride on your daddy’ shoulders. soon, sweet boy, soon. we are coming for you soon.

-my clients. you have made all my dreams come true! you share your precious little ones with me. trust me to photograph the most important little loves of your life. important days, moments, memories. I cannot thank you all enough. i treasure each of you and personally thank you for choosing art and soul to capture your memories.

here is hoping everyone has the merriest of holidays! we will see you soon for a new year filled with lots of newborn’s in the studio! we are back in the office on january 3rd and have fun ideas planned for upcoming mini sessions and more. stay tuned :)

peace and love,




{one of my favorites…}

Thursday, December 8, 2011

i love love love the barlow family! I have been capturing them for years now and they get cuter every year!

Picnik collage