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{time to boogie!!!!}

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The wedding reception of Shelley and Ryan was a blast!!!!! I have not seen dancing that awesome in quite a while! I had so much fun capturing everything from the the photo booth (wonderful, by the way) to the rocking on the dance floor. I love to see a reception where everyone is up and having fun – even the parents of the bride and groom! Michael and I were about to get out there and dance ourselves, but we were having to much fun capturing everyone else getting down :) Just a glimpse of all the wedding and reception over the last three posts. Wish me luck as I narrow down and proof the over 2,498 shots Michael and I took  :) Shelley and Ryan, your love is amazing….I cannot express what an honor it has been to capture your engagement and wedding photos…can’t wait for some babies in the future to photograph. One thing at a time, right ryan…. :) Love ya both!

all the guests had a blast in the photo booth! I was so neat!!

hats, wigs, you name it…..they all made it into the photo booth pics :)

the ladies were READY!

Ryan gets a little help with cake removal after a friendly cake fight :)

I was told by her son that she NEVER has enough fun, and to get as many photos of her having fun as possible…..Just following orders :)

all the bridesmaid’s were sooo much fun!

Husband and Wife!

{baby melissa}

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into.
-- Terri Guillemets

Meet baby Melissa! She was the sweetest little thing…..A wonderful Christmas gift to her mom and dad. We had a morning session in the studio, and little miss melissa just wanted to party! she wanted nothing to do with sleepy shots. After some fun and snuggles, she caught some zzz’s and we were able to get some super sweet shots. It was so nice meeting Jolive and Marina. They are originally from Brazil and now live in the states due to Jolive’s job. They were referred to me from some of my favorite people, Luke and Rebecca, who are returning soon from London (thank goodness – can’t wait for little ashton and auburn to have another play date) Thanks so much for choosing Art and Soul for Melissa’s very first photos! Can’t wait to see you all again!

loved both these shots…

she was so adorable!

{Christmas 2008}

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wanted to share a few photos of the Porch Family Christmas!! We had a wonderful time and Auburn cracked us up with her gift opening skills…..She had a blast and I will NEVER forget seeing her face as she walked into to all her toys. She LOVES her new pink kitchen and has already drawn up a storm on her easel! It was a great day! It was so good seeing all the family out at my parents house. It is so cute to see all the little cousins running around!!! Last year Auburn was not even crawling, and this year she is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Loved every second of it! p.s. CONGRATS to Kelsey and Danny on their ENGAGEMENT! We love you guys to pieces!!!!

Auburn’s Christmas morning loot….

a little blurry, but I thought her expression when she walked in christmas morning was priceless!

trying out her new rody.

kisses for her new baby!

christmas morning :)

little artist!

I was SO excited when the hubs brought in my new standing jewelry box. He custom made it for me and I must say, my hubby is one heck of an artist himself! It is amazing!!! It has a spot for everything and I spent the morning filling it up with jewelry! Thanks for the special gift, babes!

Future golfer!

helping daddy open gifts!

her new wheels!!!

Family shot!

My little bro, Mikey!

Our nieces were really ready to get to the fun part – GIFTS at Grams and Papa’s house!

With mom…

Kallyn the cutie!

She is a hannah montana girl!!!

{reece, two year session!}

Saturday, December 27, 2008

If you lived in Oklahoma yesterday you were nothing but amazed at the weather! Even though it was a bit windy, no one could believe we almost hit 80 degrees outside! I have never had a bare foot December session in the past!!! Little Reece loved being outdoors – he was all over the place exploring the Botanical Gardens. Boy, he was fast!!! I tried my best to keep up with him :) He was getting a bit tired before I had gotten all the shots I was after, so we held him over with a christmas sucker! It did keep him still for a few seconds :) Enjoy your sneak peek Nancy, thanks so much for sharing your little cutie with Art and Soul!

loved his sweet smile!

gotta love bare foot little boys!

His Papa would sit him in the bushes, and he thought it was so funny!

full of smiles!

{christmas eve}

Thursday, December 25, 2008

For the past few years now we have been celebrating Christmas Eve morning with the Porch Family (dusty’s mom and pop) We eat a yummy breakfast and open gifts in our p.j.’s – it is super fun, not to mention comfy :) We had a wonderful time this morning!!!! Lots of kiddos opening gifts all over the place! Auburn and Zoe now have enough baby dolls in their collection to start a day care of their own….Auburn had the gift opening DOWN!!! She was all over it….Cracked me up! Here are a few pics from the morning – lots more to come tomorrow when she gets her kitchen – can’t wait to see her face when she see it! dusty and I tried it out a bit during her nap, and I have to say, we enjoyed pretend cooking. Much more fun than real cooking….Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Grandma Martha made Auburn her super cute hello kitty christmas p.j.’s

Mariah is going to stay nice and warm in her north face jacket!

Guess I was excited about this one….Don’t know what this face is all about?….

loves anything ABC related!!!

The hit of the day was the $2.99 microphones….Of course!

Zoe getting excited over her gifts!

Dusty was so excited that he found the perfect gift for his brother…..a hat with built in lights…..

Working my way through more proofs from Shelley and Ryan’s wedding day! I just can’t get over what a fun night it was! Sharing some ceremony and first dance photos with you on this post. And, next, the fun begins with lots of reception pics!!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season so far! I can’t believe tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE!! Just a reminder that Art and Soul Photography is closed for the remainder of 2008 (unless you have an already scheduled session) and I am currently opening the 2009 calendar for booking.  Happy Holidays!

about that time….

you had to be there to understand this shot, but on second thought, you would not have wanted to be there…

her comes the bride…I love how you can see her reflection…

Michael’s view as Shelley made her way down. He got so AMAZING shots from the balcony!


Love this shot…..This has canvas wrap written all over it :)

These two have a playful side for sure :)

First dance as husband and wife…

coolest reception site I had seen in a long time!

You could tell that Shelley and her dad have such a special bond…

Mother and Son…..Loved the song they danced to….

next post……Reception photos!!!! Get ready for some crazy dancin’ pics ahead :)

oh, and my partner in crime on Saturday, he wonderfully talented – and nothing but fun – Michael!

We have been having lots of early Christmas fun around here…..Getting together and having lots of gift exchanges with friends.  Some of our favorites came by and we did a little gingerbread house makin’….It was fun, but we were a little to quick to want to get to the fun part of decorating…So, we wound up with a modern take on the gingerbread house. Dusty and Danny decided to put their own stamp on it….Crazy! Anyhoo, off to more holiday celebrations the next few days, can’t wait for little miss sunshine to experience her second Christmas! 

auburn was pretty excited about all her new books from the brockman girls…..

She loves her aunt kels and uncle danny!!!

and, the decorating begins….

This craft takes deep concentration….

looking cute…..but, wait….

It takes a turn for the worse!!! Oh, well, we are artists….we have to be different, right? It is no fun if it looks like the picture on the box :)

{The Big Day Has Arrived!}

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The wedding of Ryan and Shelley! I have had the pleasure of working with this adorable couple over the past year. From engagement photos to save the date cards  - each step of the way has been so much fun! I was so excited for the wedding day to arrive! My wonderful friend Michael is in town and joined in the fun assisting me in the days coverage. I have SO many photos to share on the sneak peek with you that it looks like I will have to break this post up into sections….We will start with the “preparation” post – followed by ceremony and the super fun reception :) I just can’t say enough about Ryan and Shelley. They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. It was so great meeting all their family and friends. One of the coolest and sweetest wedding parities EVER! So much more to come, but here are a few getting ready shots that caught my eye….

St. Francis Church is AMAZING!!!

Shelley’s dress was so classic and stunning!

I love capturing the small details of the day…

These guys were SO fun!!!

Attach the groom!!!

Shelley gets help from her mom and matron of honor with her dress.

Never a dull moment with the girls!!!

Shelley warned me that the dress had lots of buttons….there were quite a few, but worth EVERY button….It was AWESOME!

I knew the moment I snapped this shot that it would be a FAVORITE!

The girls!!!!

A few laughs before heading over to the ceremony….

Shelley’s mom watching on as her only daughter gets ready to head over to the church.

dad peeks in on the fun!

Next up……The Ceremony!!!

p.s. thanks ryan and shelley for dropping off the flowers and goodies today….That was SO sweet of you both!

{a weekend of FUN!}

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Porch family is always on the go, and last weekend was no exception! I had a Saturday wedding, but in between that we made our way down to the Norman Christmas parade. Auburn loved the floats and all the candy throwing! She also loved that Grams, Aunt Dana, and her friend Claire joined us at the parade! It was so much fun to see her expressions the whole morning! Sunday morning was great weather, so we made a quick trip to the zoo.  Auburn is getting way more into seeing all the animals. We all had a blast! After looking through all the photos from the weekend, thinking we might need to switch out hats every now and then…..The purple hat is making an appearance in just about every photo the past month……Dusty says it will just have to be that way since it is such a darn good ear-keeper-warmer :)

at the christmas parade :)

I could hang out with my loves every second of the day…..

Dusty thought i was crazy when trying to get this sweetie’s attention…..She was too busy napping…

{pre-wedding pics….ryan and shelley}

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can I just tell you how much I love this couple????…..They are loads of fun and it has been a blast working with them! We had SO much fun at their engagement session back in the summer, but with the winter wedding getting closer (this Saturday!!!!) they were in need of some “wintery” shots. It was a beautiful day leading up to our session time, and then it took a turn for the COLD! Dropped 40 degrees in a matter of hours!!!! That being said, it was a pretty quick photo shoot. We still got some great pics for them to use as centerpieces at their wedding reception. Shelley is the queen of adorable props, and she did not let me down with the “mr. and mrs.” lollies :) Just can’t wait for the wedding this weekend!!!! Going to be a blast!!!!

We were FREEZING!!!!