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She is FIERCE! Sweet girl, after being home nearly TWO MONTHS from school with mono I have learned so much more about you. One, you are tough to keep down. Every day is the “Best day ever” in your world and despite running 45 straight days of fever you were still little miss sunshine. I adore your spirit. Love the way you make the best out of 10 days in a row in your pj’s not leaving the house. You painted every picture, made bracelets, filled our house with artwork, snuggled your bubby endlessly, and showed us once again that nothing keeps you down. We worried, called the doctor, called the doctor again  - not understanding how you could be so tired day after day. You slowly got better and will head back to school this week. You are so excited, you miss your friends and your teacher. We will miss you and even though it was not a good thing you were sick for so long – we learned to never ever take your health or anyone in our family’s health for granted. We never will. So glad you are healed and the light in your eyes is back. You have your giggle going again. Love you so sweet sunflower. love you so….





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two years ago today, after 11 months of paperwork and a million prayers we received an email from our adoption agency along with a photo from across the world letting us know we had been matched with the most perfect baby boy. I memorized every bit of his tiny face – started living on oklahoma and congo time and dreamed of the day he was in our arms. fast forward two years and our oaks is happy, healthy and everything we ever could have dreamed of and more. sweet boy, it was always you 

Always MORE than happy to answer any and all adoption questions – if you are thinking about adopting and wondering how to get started shoot us an email.



Our Mighty Oaks is TWO! Happy birthday to our Christmas Eve Eve baby boy  sweet boy you have brightened our lives and opened our hearts wide open. You are the son we always dreamed of. You are rough and tough but snuggly and sweet. Your laughter is contagious and your happiness can fill any room with sunshine. You are a leader, a lefty, a beast of a boy with a future filled with anything you can imagine. If you only knew the world changer you already are…Happy birthday precious Oaks. You are truly the most magical gift your dad, sister and I could have ever dreamed of receiving…





we are so ready to take on this year with more fun and unique ideas than you can count! cannot believe how much fun 2013 was….beautiful babies, amazing travel sessions, you name it and I feel like we did it! this year will prove to be even better as we strive to bring even better service to our lovely clients! FOREVER grateful to the art and soul team I am so very proud to share the big white desk with. dusty, teresa and jackie – you three are nothing short of amazing! Here’s to another year capturing memories and having fun while we do it!




each and every little love we capture steals our hearts….we shoot 5-7 newborns a week and each is perfect in every way!




you are the sweetest of boys. wild little man with a passion I have never seen. you talk and talk and jabber and talk all day long. I am so proud of the way you can get across to us what you need. still signing some but really no need because there is just about nothing you can’t say….you are busy…I mean BUSY! running, exploring, owning this world around you. You went with me to LA last week and got to spend some wonderful time with you aunt dana and uncle michael. they just adore you. played at the park, ball with max and flirting your way around the city. my back was sore for days after carrying you around 4 days straight, but I would not have it any other way. you still love to be carried – biggest boy in an ergo I have ever seen :) I promise to carry you until I can’t anymore. still a snuggle bug. you fit perfectly in my lap and I could breath in your sweet smell all day long. you wrestle and tackle your sister and the two of you have the best time making a mess of the house  - building forts – shooting baskets – digging in the sandbox – bubble baths – giggles in your crib together after your naps. you love attention from everyone – but especially your daddy. you want to show him everything you can do. golf, basketball, hitting off the tee. you two are the best of buds and seeing you hand in hand makes my heart overflow. everywhere we go people still want to know your story. know the details about who this little man with such a BIG personality is. we happily share some of your story – and it is amazing to see how you can change hearts and open minds. you are simply a world changer. we are so lucky you have changed ours. we will never be the same. any of us. you have shown us how far someone can truly come in a short amount of time. shown us what a true fighters spirit is. you love, bananas, basketball, church, hitting off the tee, water (not so much milk or juice, just water) your mickey, your blankey, coloring with sis, schedule (you love knowing what is next, keeping us in line on when it’s time to go to school to get sis and so on) school – you love all your friends and teachers. your teachers have told us you are a leader. keeping everyone in the classroom in line. you did learn bossiness from the best, your sis :) more than anything sweet boy, know how much we love you. everyday so thankful for you. we love our little wild man…




we are so excited to share our thunder graffiti mini session with you! this mini is one of a kind and inside our studio. we will be offering this setup for a few months in hopes of getting everyone in on the fun! Please keep in mind we will be shooting these around our already existing sessions so the times can vary and we shoot in studio tuesday – friday 9-4 so times will be given during this frame :) get ready to thunder up! shoot us an email to schedule:

thanks all!




I remember auburn turing one and being so sad that all her “firsts” were over….I soon realized she had a million ahead of her…riding her bike being one of those. she was SO DETERMINED when she woke up that today was the DAY! she tried and tried for hours. up and down the sidewalk. I just loved watching her try again and again, never giving up. her spirit is so strong and I could just eat her up I love her so…..

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he ALWAYS has a basketball in his hand. everything is about basketball, basketball, basketball…chases his sister around the house all day long, talks up a storm, loves his papa, wants to do everything his daddy does (except fishing – fish scare the bejesus out of him) he is sweet and stubborn – caring and wild all at the same time. and, has more personality than we ever thought possible in one little man. he runs and we chase – he loves and we snuggle. we cannot get enough of him…..

{19 months old}

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